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by Felipe Petik Pasqualotto



Marina was designed to subvert. She/he/it hates the obvious, abhors the commons, and misses no opportunity to distill sarcastic humor.

Based on the good old "nothing is created, everything is transformed" Marina Dragzilla transits among the most different audiences and references to build its own repertoire. Accustomed to being a stranger in the nest (for being always the tallest in the class), Marina incorporated into her personality the typical acidity of creative eccentrics. Marina does NOT like the good taste, good sense, and good mannersshe likes to think she's unique.


Even quiet Marina is a devastation wherever goes - no wonder it identifies with the Japanese monster that devastated so many cities in the movies. Marina believes that just like her, the lizard was just an introvert misunderstood in his pain. From the height of its natural two meters is already accustomed to frighten the people with its singular aesthetic and its reptile tongue.


Accustomed not to fit in places (be they physical, theoretical or fashionable) Marina does not simply leave the house, she terrorizes society. Marina is made up of the rest of other women, turns thrift stores, invents pieces, and builds her own story with bits of the stories of others.


Above all Dragzilla is the feminine persona of a young artist and designer determined to question the old stories that still operate our modern world. In order to question the pop uses rock, to speak of the modern pursuit of vintage, as a provocation to the masculine uses the feminine - creature and creator constantly feeding the contestation.

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